Celebrate Thanksgiving Day with these adorable crafts and treats.

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”

~Thornton Wilder

November 24th is Thanksgiving Day! Celebrate with these adorable crafts and treats.

Gratitude Chain
Use brown, orange, yellow and red construction paper to create a gratitude chain. Simply cut each page in half horizontally, then cut each section into short strips that can be stapled or glued together into a chain. Before you connect the segments, help your child write different things that they are grateful for on each one. This makes a lovely decoration and can become a fun tradition. For an extra-special touch, decorate with thanksgiving themed stickers and gold glitter. Your little ones will run out of paper before they run out of things to be grateful for!

Corncob Cookies
These decadent cookies by Family Fun are sure to be a big hit!

Pilgrim’s Hat Placeholders
Your Thanksgiving guests will be charmed with these personalized placeholders by Better Homes and Gardens. With a few mini flower pots and some acrylic paint, your children will love this easy and enjoyable craft.

Thanksgiving Centerpieces
Get inspired with this collection of centerpieces from AllYou.com. We love these ideas for their classic look and effortless appeal. Most can be made from regular household items like a pitcher, some baskets, a few candles or a handful of leaves or nuts.

Mini Pumpkin Pies
Use a muffin tin or a mini muffin tin to create little pumpkin pies that are as tasty as they are cute. Add a dab of whipped cream and you have a delicious treat that your little ones can help bake.

Feel free to share your families favorite Thanksgiving Day crafts or treats by commenting below. Everyone loves a new recipe or idea.

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Stacey Bradley Photography. We are grateful to be a part of your family’s memories.